The Royal Academy of Dance offers an internationally recognised portfolio of examinations and assessments designed to encourage, motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.

Levels of classes range from tots ballet through to grades and then onto the vocational levels.

The RAD offers 2 pathways after Grade 6, one for Vocational Examinations (Intermediate upwards) and one for Non-Vocational (Grade 7 and 8). Here at SLP Junior Academy, we offer both pathways up to Grade 8 and Advanced 2 Level. Your child’s teacher will be able to advise them on the correct path.

To be able to take the majors route your child must attend one of the 6/7/8 graded classes so that they are attending at least two Ballet classes a week.

We also offer children the opportunity to take at least two classes per week with non syllabus options and specialist pointe classes from beginners to advanced.

Tots and juniors are also offered the option to take UKA medal examinations which encourages them to perform their skills from a young age and be rewarded!!

They are our *Peter Pan Starlets*